Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Berlin, Potsdam and Babelsberg

Together against fascismIMG_20130530_174340Anhalter BahnhofAnhalter BahnhofPotsdamer PlatzPotsdamer Platz
Potsdamer PlatzLego GiraffeSony Centre RoofLit-up BenchFormer Course of the WallTopography of Terror
Topography of TerrorTopography of TerrorTopography of TerrorTopography of TerrorTopography of TerrorTopography of Terror
Topography of TerrorTopography of TerrorBrandenburg GateAmplemannAmplemannCurrywurst

FC United arranged a friendly against SV Babelsberg 03, played on the Friday evening just gone. Seemed like a good excuse to visit a few places I'd always wanted to see, so a handful of us (and a few hundred others) headed over to Berlin and had a good wander.

It's a lovely city, clean, efficient, friendly and very un-threatening. The scars of the turbulent past are plain to see, from bits of the wall, the cobbles that mark its course through the city and places occupied by the Nazis you're constantly reminded of what has gone on before. It's a living, breathing lesson from history for those who may sleepwalk towards it being repeated.


Anonymous said...

what a wanker. shut up your dumb comments on the turkey or I will be around to your place pal

Michael Holdsworth said...

Hello "anonymous". I look forward to it.