Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Brighton and Hove

A few weeks ago, I spent a few days in Brighton & Hove for Lancashire's last away game of the County Championship season. It was a crucial game which we needed to win to give ourselves a realistic chance of staying up. Of course, the script went as it had done all season and we were eventually relegated when Middlesex beat us at Old Trafford.

Still, it was a good few days away. I'd only ever been to Brighton twice, once to the old Withdean Stadium and didn't get to see the town, the other was to Hove where I didn't see a ball bowled and didn't see much of the town beyond a stretch of beach and a large number of pubs... So it was good to get there and be able to have a proper nosey around.

There was still the pub ticking to do. Food from a few recommended places and others that had been spotted when out and about. A good pint, a good curry and a good burger, always a nice addition to any trip! And a proper walk along the front and a gentle evening mooch along the pier. It was good to have the time to wander around and see a bit more of the place. Just a shame it'll be a couple of years, at least, before I get to go back. But the cricket itself is a whole other post...