Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

You even spoke to me and said...

So, once again, aside from the short updates with photos, it's been five months since I actually sat down and wrote anything. I'd like to suggest it's down to me not having much time, but I'm just a lazy get.

Admittedly, I can claim that the lazy part has also been coupled by a complete unwillingness to write about what's been happening over recent months. Lancashire's relegation was expected for months, but when the moment finally happened I felt crushed. When we were relegated in 2004 anger was the overriding emotion, knowing that the Holy Grail of a Championship win was at least another two years away instead of maybe being one. Coupled with some daft comments from some people at the club this had really wound up the Members. This time it was just genuinely upsetting, especially with the great contrast of twelve months previously. The whole season had been a complete mess and some players need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Having said that, Saj Mahmood is finally out of the door after a very indifferent few seasons. That, however, was tempered by the loss of Sir Gary of Keedy. Still, if you treat good, long standing servants like shit...

Goings on at Salford have seemed strange and cloak and dagger at best, shambolic at worst. Since getting shafted by Sky and having to play our last game of the season at Leigh Sports Village things have seemingly gone to pot. Still no news on season tickets when other clubs are already selling theirs. Players leaving but no news of any coming in. Rumours of new investment, no new investment, people buying the club to sell it on or wind it up. Players not being able to use their (club paid) access cards at a Walkden gym. They say nature abhors a vacuum and the vacuum of news from the club is being filled with all sorts. Is any of it to be believed? Nobody can be sure, but the sooner the club can provide any information, the better. A lot of people are already drifting away from the club and something needs to be done to pull them back in.

Football wise, off the pitch hasn't really been a good distraction either. The continued "No" campaign in Moston against FC United's new community stadium has been very wearying it. It's amazing what an impact one small number of people can make. You'd think people would be able to sit back and look at the benefit it will bring to the area. But, then again, for whatever reasons, some people seemingly don't want to see the benefit. We just need to keep going.

On the pitch it's been a better start than normal to the campaign, even allowing for Saturday's shambles at Fylde. To see some people throwing their toys everywhere and calling for the manager's head is a laughable symptom of modern football. It's not what we're about and people need to remember the reasons for our existence.

MUFC wise, it's been a decent start to the campaign. We still haven't fired properly and the Spurs defeat could be seen coming. But the Newcastle game was a good response and we're sitting quite nicely for the usual post-Christmas assault on the title. Fingers crossed.

Beyond that... Not a hell of a lot to write about. Life is certainly stuck into a reasonably regular routine. At the moment, though, that isn't really a bad thing. One thing I will mention is that I'm thinking of having a go at National Novel Writing Month. Started getting the bug for writing fiction again, I just need an excuse to actually do it. Hopefully this'll kick things off again. Now, to start on the music again as well...