Thursday, 31 May 2012

Amsterdam and Schiedam 2012

CIMG0989CIMG0990CIMG0991Cuckfield Town FCLUHG On TourCIMG0994
CIMG0995CIMG0996CIMG0997-rotate1CIMG0998-rotate1CIMG0999-rotate1The best old advert ever
CIMG1001-rotate1I never knew Heineken had won the County Championship?..CIMG1005CIMG1007CIMG1008CIMG1009
James goes into battle for us...CIMG1014Champions of EuropeChampions of EuropeChampions of EuropeCIMG1019

Amsterdam and Schiedam 2012, a set on Flickr.

A few of us went to the Netherlands to watch Lancashire play, well, the Netherlands in the CB40 group game on May 28th 2012. It was a hell of a trip, interesting to see the differing, erm, "cultures" that you come across over there. It's a different world and visiting Amsterdam is something I'd recommend - you might learn a thing or two!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

If I hadn't seen such riches...

Well it's been a whirlwind few months. Every time I thought about writing something on here, something else cropped up to either make me delay to see how the outcome would affect my output (that sounds wank and pretentious doesn't it? I'm sorry) or something happened which made me glad I'd not written in the first place. The latter meant I decided to let the sporting dust of May settle before putting anything down in writing.

That doesn't mean the odd worthy occasion hasn't been noted. I've nothing to really add to the last post about Abu Dhabi other than to reiterate what a superb trip it was. That was when you realised Lancs really are Champions and you hadn't just had a wonderful dream the previous September. You never know, I may get to go back one day, but I'll expand on cricket later.

So I suppose I'd better get talk of football out of the way. Starting with FC, well finishing 6th we didn't really deserve to go up, did we? Still, to lose in the last minute of extra time after no side really looked like scoring was a bitter pill to swallow. The semi at Chorley the week before had been one hell of a day on and off the pitch whereas Bradford was just a let down. Still, we're still here which is the main thing. And we'll bounce back.

As for United... Well, it's the worst side we've had for years and over the season we didn't deserve to win the title despite only losing out on goal difference. If city had failed to get that final goal it would merely have papered over the cracks at United. Maybe now people will realise things need to change, but looking at the reaction I think people are looking for change in the wrong areas. LUHG.

The worst thing about it, of course, is that United's debt, sanctioned by the Glazers and Gill, has handed city the title on a plate as well as the chance to dominate for years to come. A sickening legacy to 2005. Still, seeing them turn into everything they hate about United has provided some amusement to it all. I've still only met one person who acknowledges all the extra shit that's now come along with the money and success. Most of them are happy to turn into a new United as long as they win pots. Good luck with that. Still, I hope the only non-bitter, non-stereotypical match going blue I know enjoys it while they still can. To the rest - be careful what you wish for.

Salford I'll touch on briefly. The team has been disappointing after a bright start and the club is as badly run as ever. The new stadium is turning into a millstone around our necks, the catering company are providing a crap service and seemingly don't care and G4S are starting to try and stamp their authority. The less said about Sale the better, especially when they're apparently the authority on deciding stadium sponsors. The future looks far from bright.

Back to Lancy... 2011 was a fantastic sporting year and I doubt anything will top the feeling at 17.14 on September 15th. But it seems 2012 is sporting karma for all that happened last year (including United and number 19). Lancs' start to the season has been dreadful Championship wise with some horrible batting. Still, the last day at Edgbaston provided a boost and some hope and it's been a good start at Aigburth today. Fingers crossed we can pull clear of the bottom, we'd all be happy with mid-table this time around. A CB40 success would be nice, too.

Hopefully next time I post on here there'll be something a bit more positive to write about.