Monday, 31 May 2010

Welcome to the Darkside...

Well, once again it's the first real update in f****** ages so I've missed a hell of a lot in that time. Meh.

So, we've got a new Government. Forgive me for being completely underwhelmed at the prospect of the Tories and Lib Dems cuddling up together. Cuts galore already and the Lib Dems swiftly moving away from many of their promises and the views of many of their members and supporters. And with the Coalition already being rocked by David Laws' resignation and the scandal around it, you could well be forgiven for wondering just how long this new Coalition is going to last. Then again, knowing the Tories, it could well be a case of how long before they find an excuse to get rid of all the Lib Dems holding Cabinet positions?

I'm sure I only need to touch on the vileness of Cameron. How anyone could trust him to run the country is beyond me. Smarmy and out of touch. As for the Tories overall... Thatcher. The '80s. Parts of the country run down and broken because of their policies. And if you really believe the bastards have changed and I'm just living in the past... Look up what's happened to those living under the jurisdiction of Hammersmith and Fulham Council. Working class? No money? Tough. Middle class or higher? Plenty of money? Come on over, we'll close off the public park every summer so you can watch polo matches.

As for the Lib Dems... Well, Clegg clearly wanted a position of power regardless of how he got it, nor the principles surrounding his supposed politics. He had the chance to form a progressive coalition with Labour but in the end, decided to jump onboard with his fellow Eton boy to get himself any kind of influence. He's already managed to piss off the more left-wing element of the Party, with many already defecting to Labour. If the Coalition rocks anymore then he could well have destroyed any credibility that they had in terms of being a genuine alternative vote for those wanting a progressive, left-wing Britain. Now I know how the citizens of the Galactic Republic felt as the Emporer swept in under a wave of promises and established the Empire. David Cameron = Senator Palpatine? Works for me - although I think Palpatine had more credibility.

So where does this leave Labour? Well, big changes are needed. But they didn't do that badly - most people are focusing on the last eighteen months, when in reality many good things were put in place (quite a few of which are now due to be taken away again) and the country was quite healthy. It took a global recession to bring things tumbling down in the end. However, it's a good opportunity for the Party to take a long, hard look at itself and move back towards the left in attempt to re-attract lost voters. The alliance with the Co-operative Party can itself only be a good thing for this. The Coalition and any semblance of Tory rule will eventually crack and leave people disillusioned once more. In that situation, Labour need to be ready and able to truly take Britain forward to a prosperous, progressive future for all.

The Green and Gold Campaign at Old Trafford seems to have reached it's natural end point. Now, however, is the time for direct action. The only way to rid MUFC of the Glazers is to starve them of money - don't renew. If OT is still full of people waving green and gold scarves and singing anti-Glazer songs next season then it's all been a big waste of time. The Red Knights aren't going to come galloping to the rescue - and are they really to be trusted? Doubtful. Just stop giving them your cash - although I'm sure those who say supporting the team is more important than the long term future of the club will no doubt side with David Gill's sickening comments and see that most people just keep turning up to watch. Thank the Lord for FC United of Manchester. Co-operative, supporter-owned football. It's the future.

Lancashire have surprised me this season, although the struggle to beat Warwickshire followed by the struggle against Essex have brought everyone back down to Earth. Sitting in third with not a lot separating us, Yorkshire and Notts is bloody marvellous - as is being the only Championship side unbeaten in both divisions. Marvellous. Just a pity the rain seems set to direct the first Roses match this year to a draw, as Lancs are well and truly in the driving seat. Let's just hope there's a few more wins to come yet.

England made fairly heavy weather of the first test against Bangladesh - although full credit must go to the touring side for their efforts, particularly with the bat. It's great to see two Bangladeshis on the honours board at Lord's. I've got a ticket for the first day at OT - should be a good day's play in prospect.

Well, that about wraps things up. I should do this more often!