Monday, 22 December 2008

Obla Di, Obla Da, Man. United, Champions of Planet Earth

Some say it was a poxy, mickey mouse tournament. But that's only because they're either dicks or jealous that their own team wasn't there. Manchester United were, though.

Champions of England. Champions of Europe. Champions of the World.

A pinnacle already reached in 1999, now it's been done in a tournament which truly separates the Champion of each continent instead of just those of from Europe and South America. Manchester United Football Club are officially the Greatest Club side in the World. Marvellous.

Once again United lead the way, the first English side to win this new edition of the tournament, nay, first British side to win it. And not only that, we will forever stand as the only British side who ever won the Intercontinental Cup version of the tournament.

World Champions twice. That's one more than England. Proving once and for all that United > England.

Worthless? Poxy? I don't fucking think so.

Manchester United - Champions of Planet of Earth.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Voyage to India

England's current Test Series out in India is a funny one. Did anyone really think they'd go back out there after the attacks in Mumbai? Does anyone really think they should be out there? Well, all those questions are academic, because as you're all aware, England are 4 days into the first test.

So the question now is will the current situation affect England's performance? Well, it seems to be having some effect on the team, after such a great start suddenly India go into tomorrow as the favourites. Captain Marvel's led from the front, Flintoff's batted as well as ever... If it wasn't for Strauss finding form, Cook and Prior having a couple of decent knocks and Collingwood making up for his shocker in the first innings we'd be staring down the barrel.

As it is, the bowling's done that job for us. Only England's attack could knacker up such a good position. Well, maybe Lancashire's, I guess. We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. Another good spell from Swann and a bit of Monty Magic and we're in. Then again, I could end up in a threesome with Cameron Diaz and Mila Kunis.

Lancashire. Well, it seems they've done half a decent job and told Watkinson to fuck off. Well, OK, so it's not even half a decent job as they've only moved him upstairs. Director of Cricket? Hmm, I'm not convinced. Still, hopefully we'll get in a decent first team coach who's willing to make his own decisions and not be bullied by those above him. And hopefully he'll be given a chance to do that... Getting Laxman back in the squad is a step in the right direction, but we still need a bit more in the batting department. One or two more good signings and things are looking up. Until we get two or three games in and the usual "this is our year" optimism is well and truly blown away.

I guess following Lancashire and England are pretty similar in most aspects...