Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gigg Lane, FCUM v Hucknall Town, 22.1.2011


Anne Day said...

Dear Michael,

Not related to your blog,but I'm looking at this photo here:

And I'd like to use it for our park magazine. We're based in Stockton on Tees, but as a local to St Annes, I'm writing an article to compare our local park with Ashton Gardens. Your photo of the cenotaph is very good, so I'd like to use it. If you would be very kind and grant us permission, if you get in touch and send me your home address, I'll send you a complimentary copy of the magazine. I'll make sure that the photo is credited to you.

The newsletter gets a circulation of about 200, and is printed by our local council. We also put a copy on the web site, which is here:

Please could you let me know by Thursday of this week (17th March) as I need to get the newsletter off to print.

Thank you
Anne Day
Vice Chair of Friends of Ropner Park
Stockton on Tees

Michael said...

Hi Anne,

That would be fine. I've sent an email to the contact address on your website confirming that and giving you my address.