Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Well, updating this thing on a regular basis kinda went out of the window, didn't it? Ho hum. Although you have had some photo updates, if you've been paying attention.

So, the Glazer debt is finally in black and white and there for all to see, even if you've been burying your head in the sand for the past five years. It's a pity things have had to get this far for the majority to sit up and take notice, but better late than never and you won't get any self-righteousness or "I told you so" style posts from me. Solidarity is the order of the day (as shown by the flag below) and we all need to stick together on this one, with no more infighting. This may have been predicted in 2005 and we may now have people saying "oh, you were right after all" but now's the time for pointing fingers and being smug.

Which is why I'm all in favour of the green and gold campaign. The sight of people across OT and Manchester in general wearing green and gold/yellow (why are people nit-picking at what colour it should actually be, who cares?) should warm the heart of even the most hardened United fan from any side of the 'divide'. Whilst boycotting season tickets is the only real solution to hurt the Glazers where it counts and drive them out, this is, at least, a start. Something for people to galvanise and get behind. A way for everyone in the ground to show their distaste for the current ownership and see that they aren't really on their own.

There's been plenty of green and gold on display at FC United's past couple of matches as well, which really does warm the cockles of my heart. One in the eye for the "you're not real United fans" bridgade, although I believe plenty are still sniping. FCUM, as they say. Two Uniteds, one soul, one aim. Glazer out.

A brief mention, too, of the Test Series in South Africa (is it really that long since I wrote something?!) Whilst it was disappointing to lose the last game, if someone had said beforehand we'd win the one day series and draw the Test series, I'd have bitten their hand off. Marvellous stuff, although it does seem to still be papering over some cracks. Bring on the Bangladeshis!

The image above is Copyright Michael Regan/Getty Images. I know it was naughty of me to use it, but I'm skint and I'm hardly profiting from it, am I?

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