Monday, 3 August 2009

A thin line part 2...

Well I enjoyed writing the last piece that much I thought I'd try to give it a happy ending. Not quite sure this bit works as well as the other one did (to my mind) but hey, it's "closure" of sorts!

It had been a lovely day once again and, so far, everything was going well. The usual weekly evening ritual was about to take place yet again and, as he walked up to his spot, he noticed that she was here again. But this time there were less people around to get in the way and he was sober. Not to mention that there were a few others around who had been missing last time. They always spoke to him, and seeing as they were stood talking to his intended target, getting into a conversation with her would be much easier.

And so it was.

Early on in the evening the conversation was sporadic, but shared with others. Common ground was touched upon numerous times which brightened his evening up no end. There was plenty of laughing and joking with light-hearted mickey-taking breaking down conversational barriers further. And so, later on, when the opportunity arose to talk to her on her own, he waited for the right moment... And stepped in.

Suddenly, all the heartache from the previous encounter was forgotten. They talked about many things, they laughed, they shared a few serious moments and his heart was buoyed by it all. She looked magnificent, not that she ever looked otherwise, and the sight of her smile coupled with the odd comforting word during the conversation made him feel so much better about life. For once, the world and all of its problems seemed much, much brighter.

This time, parting was easier. A hell of a lot easier. And he did not make a mess of anything. He knew he would be seeing her again next week, which also made him glad. On the way home and in the days after he thought about her, as he usually did. Only this time there was no pain, no anguish, no thoughts of 'if only'. Just a gladness that they had talked and talked well. That their friendship, albeit occasional, felt much stronger than after the last debacle.

And, because of that, his heart was gladdened, filled with joy no less, and there was a bounce to his step.

He knew he could now move on.

Le Fin

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