Monday, 22 December 2008

Obla Di, Obla Da, Man. United, Champions of Planet Earth

Some say it was a poxy, mickey mouse tournament. But that's only because they're either dicks or jealous that their own team wasn't there. Manchester United were, though.

Champions of England. Champions of Europe. Champions of the World.

A pinnacle already reached in 1999, now it's been done in a tournament which truly separates the Champion of each continent instead of just those of from Europe and South America. Manchester United Football Club are officially the Greatest Club side in the World. Marvellous.

Once again United lead the way, the first English side to win this new edition of the tournament, nay, first British side to win it. And not only that, we will forever stand as the only British side who ever won the Intercontinental Cup version of the tournament.

World Champions twice. That's one more than England. Proving once and for all that United > England.

Worthless? Poxy? I don't fucking think so.

Manchester United - Champions of Planet of Earth.

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