Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays...

Why does the weekend always seem like a waste of time? Well, on a Sunday, anyway.

Today has been the usual weekend. Football yesterday, with a piss up afterwards that took in a gig (more on that later), but then today starts just after midday when I finally crawl out of bed and before I know it, it's 20 past 9. I've eaten, pissed about on the 'net and put a film on. That's it. A day wasted, admittedly mainly down to the fact that I was seriously hungover, but still, all I've done is sit here and do fuck all.

It gets to the early evening on a Sunday and all I can do at the moment is sit here and think about how many hours it'll be before I'm back in work. That's wrong. How can I stop it? Well, short of not getting wankered on a Saturday and getting out of bed before 12 o'clock I guess not a lot. I'll just have to stick to ranting about it on the Internet.

The football wasn't even worth talking about yesterday. United's game only became worth watching after I was no longer able to watch/listen to it. And as for the FC game... Fuck me. The dullest 90 minutes I've had the misfortune to encounter for 3 years. Yeah, great, we won, but when you have to wait to the last attack of the game for a winner (which I missed due to taking the banners down anyway) after such a dull, painful game and atmosphere you wonder why you bother. But I guess I know why I do...

The music, however, was superb. My mate Simon's band The Cities ( played the Mad Ferret in Preston alongside The Strangeways (, Coco Shackle ( and main act Boomhauer ( all the way from Finland. All the bands were superb, The Cities are a top band and worth keeping an eye on over the coming months. And no, Simon didn't pay me to say that...

The Strangeways were top, Coco Shackle were a nice relaxing change to the rest of the night and they're worth checking out for the lass who sings for them. I'm in love! And Boomhauer... Well, no words can do the crazy Finnish bastards justice. They're superb, funny as fuck and completely and utterly on another planet. Check them out.

Hey ho. The film's finished, time to turn it off and go to bed. Before I know it it'll be 7 o'clock Monday morning again. Fucking woo.

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