Monday, 22 December 2014


For the last weekend in November, myself and Hursty decided to disappear to Lisbon. We had intended on going back to Berlin to see Babelsberg play again, but the flights were a bit more expensive than last time, so the plan changed to going somewhere new instead. At £60 for a return flight, Lisbon seemed too hard to turn down. It turned into an excellent decision. Still warm, friendly, easy to get around and the cheapest city I've been to in Western Europe. It was brilliant and I'd highly recommend going. Plenty to see and do and a short train ride gets you to some picturesque beach towns as well (we ended up in Estoril for a few hours). There were a couple of games of football thrown in (because why not?), Sporting on the Saturday night and Clube Oriental de Lisboa on the Sunday afternoon. The latter was bizarre. We'd been sat in the stand drinking at Sporting, then turned up to a second division game with segregation, police everywhere and no alcohol on sale... Still, that turned into the better game of football, so swings and roundabouts. Overall, a brilliant place to go and spend a few days. I'll be going back. Full set of photos can be found here: